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Old Luce Community Council serves a population of around 1,300 people in Glenluce and the surrounding area.

The AGM of the Community Council is held in May and council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8pm.

Officers of the council are:
Chairman: Mr Fred Murray
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Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Paterson
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Secretary: Mr Derek McDowall

Treasurer: Mr Derek Sloan

Community Councillor: Mrs Grace Brown

Community Councillor: Mrs Julie-Anne Copeland

Community Councillor: Mrs Elizabeth Innes 

Community Councillor: Mr William Innes 

Community Councillor: Mrs Caroline Heron

Community Councillor: Miss Diane Lowe

Community Councillor: Mr Tom McKie

Community Councillor: Mr Gordon McKinstry

Community Councillor: Mrs Joan Miskimmins

Community Councillor: Mr John McDonald

Community Councillor: Mrs Irene Wilmont

Glenluce public hall and its clock tower

Minutes of the June Meeting of Old Luce Community Council

Old Luce Community Council Meeting
Monday 2nd June, 2014  


Fred Murray-Chairman

Ian Paterson-Vice Chairman

Robert Higgins - Secretary   

Derek Sloan – Treasurer


Joan Miskimmins, William & Elizabeth Innes, Julie-Anne Copeland, Tom McKie, Diane Lowe and Irene Wilmont.

Eleanor  McKinstry (for Gordon McKinstry – 100 Club Draw) 


Caroline Heron, Gordon McKinstry, Derek McDowall and Cllr. R Tuckfield.

Jim McClung.

Police: P C Gayle Allison    

Members of the Public:
Jane McDowall.


1. Minutes of Previous Meeting 

    Proposed: Billy Innes    Seconded: Ian Paterson.   AGREED. 

2. Matters Arising    None     

3. Police business

     Bicycle accident on Glenluce by-pass appears no one else involved.

           Some Glenwhan signs interfering with vision lines - at west junction to 

     Traffic Dept will be advised.

     Viaduct area; small quad performance vehicles being unloaded and using old A75.    

     Times and any information to be collated for enforcement.

     Gayle on Commonwealth Games Baton duty so may be absent for a few meetings   

     will advise on matters per secretary emails.

4.  Presentation by Robert Mately, Community Officer.

     A leaflet with information and contact numbers will be placed in appropriate information sites. The main content of Robert’s presentation was a synopsis of what is under “what we can do to help” section.  The increasing penalties were also advised viz. Litter up to £80 spot fine; dog fouling £40 and fly-tipping £200.  This was followed by a Q & A session; couple worthy of attention – dogs must be on leads in graveyard/cemeteries. Public drinking like outside Hanover Sq. toilets are a police matter.

5. Correspondence            None.  

6. Skate Park Presentation Updates    

     Agreed to revisit disabled access after completion of the skateboard facility.     

  Wind Farm Business

    Willow Wind who applied 2 years ago for the Gass area are now taken over and re-  

    applying – Meikle Float area. Some general enquiry on Killgallioch extension and trust


8.  Wind Farm Trust Update

    The major launch of the Trust will take place on 23rd June.  C.C. & Trust members to  

    wear name badges.  Tea and sandwiches to be arranged, best estimate and other

    arrangements to be finalized at meeting on 16th June. 

9. Environment

1.      Road Maintenance –Fineview access road being undermined by burn, further work probably required.  This should be evidenced at that time.                                             

      2.      Old A75 thro’ Dunragit requires considerable resurfacing/repair.
3.      Roadsides require cutting back.  Schedule should start soon, check please.
4.      Hammerhead west end of Motehill requires clearing.  – possibly DGHP
5.      Historic Scotland objecting to   demolition of King’s Arms.  Surprising since they didn’t attend previously and show little interest in Glenluce Abbey, their own property, which no longer even has an attendant nor is it open to the public.
6.      Lack of litter bins in certain parts of the village, especially around the church hall. New bins to be requested particularly for waste flowers/cleaning materials from the graveyards.
      7.      The wall at North St. needs safety assessment/corrective works. DGHP may have a part responsibility.
8.      Stairhaven.  C.C. Members will undertake a site visit to draw up a first stage assessment for future development. 

10. Community Website 
Joan Miskimmins agreed to continue with the website. 

100 Club     June Draw- Drawn by J McDowall            
1st prize £100 – Fred Murray
2nd prize  £50 – Andrew Copeland  
3rd prize   £25 – Jimmy Laverie


Roan cleaning reqd. Motehill and Sun St.  Contact DGHP for tenants.

The amount of flowers planted around the village to be re-assessed for 2015.

T McKie thanked the C.C. for the outdoor classroom purchased for the school.

Special Meeting – Monday 16th June, 2014 Glenluce Public Hall 8.00pm  

Next Meeting – Monday, 1st September, 2014 Glenluce Public Hall 8.00pm

Meeting Closed: 10 p.m.


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