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Old Luce Community Council serves a population of around 1,300 people in Glenluce and the surrounding area.

The AGM of the Community Council is held in May and council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8pm. There are no meetings in January and August.
Officers of the council are:
Chairman: Mr Fred Murray
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Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Paterson
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Secretary: Mr Robert Higgins

Treasurer: Mr Derek Sloan

Community Councillor: Mr Michael Lane
Community Councillor: Mrs Elizabeth Innes 

Community Councillor: Mrs Caroline Heron

Community Councillor: Miss Diane Lowe

Community Councillor: Mr Gordon McKinstry

Community Councillor: Mrs Joan Miskimmins

Community Councillor: Mrs Irene Wilmont

Glenluce public hall and its clock tower

Minutes of the September Meeting of Old Luce Community Council

Old Luce Community Council Meeting

8 p.m. Monday 5th September, 2016



Fred Murray Chairman Ian Paterson Vice Chairman

Robert Higgins Secretary Derek Sloan Treasurer

Committee: Mike Lane, Elizabeth Innes, Joan Miskimmins, Diane Lowe, Irene Wilmont and Caroline Heron

Apologies: Gogie McKinstry.

Councillor: Roberta Tuckfield: Will check and report on agreed routes to the various windfarms locally.

Police Business: PC Allison

A male reported to the PF for Wasting Police Time after using 999 to say he'd been stabbed when no incident had even taken place.

CC reported vandalism in village whereby property and other signs were damaged. PC Allison has made enquiries in the area.

Press: Kris Gunn

Presentation: Karen Brownlie DGC gave a synopsis of her new role in Wigtownshire and initial discussion on public toilet provision. See Appendix 1 as emailed. Asset disposal by 20/04/2018

1. Minutes Previous Meeting: Prop: M Lane Sec: E Innes AGREED.

2. Matters Arising:.Lorry Park access: On-site meeting will be arranged by W. Jesson DGC

3. Correspondence: Letter from Development Trust re admin costs. £493.80 account submitted. Agreed and the group commended on their work to date. Letter from Mr Donald Peers re “The Rhins Men’s Shed” for funding. He will be notified to apply to Foundation Scotland.

4. Windfarm update: Iberdola have advised that they are cutting windfarm agreed community benefit payments (which are based on installed capacity). A reduction of 49 Megawatts - £6.1 million in funds.

5.Development Trust report: See Appendix 2

Discussion on a “Litter pick day” for Dunragit & Glenluce. Scheduled for 8th October

100 Club August: Drawn by 1) E Innes 2) F Murray 3) M Lane

Winners: £25 E Innes £50 R Higgins and £100 S Stirling

100 Club September: Drawn by 1) K Gunn 2) I Wilmont 3) D Sloan

Winners: £25 D Sloan £50 F Murray and £100 G McKinstry


AOCB: Foundation Scotland is offering a 7% return on funds invested with them and it was agreed that £25,000 being held in CC account should be invested in the fund meantime.

Old Luce again winners of the Turbine Tri-trophy day V New Luce and Kirkcowan. Glenluce host-2017.

Agreed Julie McKie will organize the Hallowe'en and Christmas parties for the children. Funding as 2015. Similar agreement for the two Christmas trees as ordering required now.

Closed 9.45 pm.

Next Meeting Monday 7th November, 2016 @ 8PM in Glenluce Public hall.

Appendix 1 K Brownlie  DGC

Council Structures:

As Community Councillors may be aware the Council is going through a major restructure where 6 directorates have been reduced to 4. KB’s role as Community Assets Manager, Wigtown which commenced at the end of June manages local services including public conveniences, Community Facilities, Grounds Maintenance & open spaces, Burial Grounds, crossing patrols and street cleansing. This role sits within the communities Directorate (Director – Derek Crichton), Civic and local services – (Head of Services – Harry Thomson). Currently being recruited to is a Ward Manager & Ward workers who will also sit within the Communities Directorate.

Community Facilities Review: 

KB gave an overview of the history of the Community Facilities Review since 2013. It was confirmed that at the Communities Committee in May 2016 this process should continue and Officers will work with the remaining 33 facilities regionwide to transfer these to community management. Glenluce Hall should be transferred by 31 March 2018. It was confirmed that Officer support would be available throughout this process to ensure the future sustainability and viability of the community asset.

Attached is a copy of the Communities report and the following is the link to the minute:

http://egenda.dumgal.gov.uk/aksdumgal/users/public/admin/kab12.pl?cmte=MUN&meet=1&arc=71 These are DGC reports on the above. 

As requested, please find attached copies of actual costs for Glenluce for the last 3 years. Depending on what agreement/lease was progressed would depend on what cost the Community would be responsible for but this can form part of our future discussions. 

Glenluce Public Toilet:

It was confirmed that this facility is due to close for the winter on Friday 30 September and the seasonal Member of staffs contract will end. It was agreed that for trial period the Community Council (Fred Murray) could voluntarily be responsible for opening and closing the facility throughout the winter months and the Council would ask the mobile cleaner to clean the facility every 2nd day when they are in the area.

Discussions took place about the responsibility of opening and closing, repairs and maintenance of the facility, the cleanliness of the facility and that this could not be part of the hall keepers role. The Community would require to ensure that the toilets were clean for any hall lets. 

It was agreed to trial this and continue to have discussions in relation to the requirement of the facility being open during the winter months.

APPENDIX 2 Summary of activity by Development Trust

  • Directors – Michael Lane (Chair), David Burl (Vice Chair), Joyce Stewart (Secretary), Caroline Heron, Diane Lowe, Nigel Miscampbell, Lorna McDowall, Richard Rankin, Drew Sloan

  • Membership - Membership form and information sheet are being printed, and membership will be enrolled over the coming months. Starting in the second week of September. 500 forms distributed through local venues (shop/doctors’ surgery/School etc.) as well as through the directors. Costs hoped to be met through micro grant from Community Council.

  • Grant Application - OLDF- Three applications submitted to the fund. Back Burn improvements, Da Prato's corner & website/running /startup costs.

  • Tender Documentation - Produced tender document for accountancy services. This tender document can form the basis for all future quotes/tenders.

  • Meetings – Recognition for time required to effectively drive forward projects, and the short time between Trust meetings. Monthly meetings will continue until the end of 2016 and then this change to every alternate month will be a board meeting and every other with sub-groups. Confirmation of this to be finalised at a later date.

  • Values & Principle: A simple set of V&P agreed which shall underpin decisions going forward

  • Communications - Three quotes being finalised for the construction of a new Community communication platform, need for Trust to communicate actions with membership.

  • Back Burn – Discussions with Council about next steps. Request made to Register of Scotland to confirm ownership of this land. Quotes gained from local suppliers for works required.

  • Viaduct lights/Christmas lights - continue to be researched. Suppliers sought to undertake inspection of village, and advise/quote.

  • Dunragit - Informal survey of the Dunragit residents. The school building and old hall were considered too far away. The old shop site/park was preferred for community development. Formal written survey, linked to membership enrolment to be undertaken in September. Hope to establish names of people keen/interested in becoming involved in driving project.

  • Insurance – Competitive quote via DTAS from Keegan & Pennykid.

  • Wemyss Estate – Discussion begun with Wemyss Estate with regards to the Glen.

Action Plan for public – This bullet point list has been put in the shop, surgery, public hall and Dunragit.

  • Improving our built environment – Audit of the built environment across the parish discussed, with key projects identified to explore, with a view to push forward:

    1. Da Prato's corner (Village square/gardens) 2. Dunragit shop site (local village Hub) 3. Brambles (Café/village Hub)

Community Clean up day – Link with Community Council to organise and set date, to take place in Dunragit & Glenluce.

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