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Old Luce Community Council serves a population of around 1,300 people in Glenluce and the surrounding area.

The AGM of the Community Council is held in May and council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8pm. There are no meetings in January and August.
Officers of the council are:
Chairman: Mr Fred Murray
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Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Paterson
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Secretary: Mr Robert Higgins

Treasurer: Mr Derek Sloan

Community Councillor: Mr Michael Lane
Community Councillor: Mrs Elizabeth Innes 

Community Councillor: Mrs Caroline Heron

Community Councillor: Miss Diane Lowe

Community Councillor: Mr Gordon McKinstry

Community Councillor: Mrs Joan Miskimmins

Community Councillor: Mrs Irene Wilmont

Glenluce public hall and its clock tower

Minutes of the April Meeting of Old Luce Community Council

Old Luce Community Council Meeting

8 p.m. Monday 4th April, 2016



Fred Murray Chairman Derek Sloan Treasurer

Robert Higgins Secretary

Committee: Elizabeth Innes, Joan Miskimmins, Gogie McKinstry, Mike Lane and Diane Lowe.

Apologies: Irene Wilmont and Caroline

Councillor: Graham Forster advised of the failure by DGC to properly advise/evaluate the school turbines. Restitution is to be made after consultation with the school.

Police Business: PC Allison – reported

11/3/16 – report that a local farmer found a chicken with its neck broken and hung in his shed. Enquiries on-going.

11/3/15- Female reported her 5 dogs have been attacked by two dogs. Dogs uninjured. Other dog’s owner not traced.

20/03/16 – Vehicles within Lady Stair park. Registrations obtained and drivers to be spoken with.

    1. Minutes Previous Meeting: Prop: D Sloan Sec: M Lane AGREED.

          2. Matters Arising:

a) A representation will be sent to Scottish Government re. statutory consultation requesting the future catchment area be delineated. This was not specified by DGC closure report.

b) Lorry Park access: On-site meeting still to be arranged.

c) 'No dogs' signs requested and awaiting for children’s play area.

d) Secretary detailed the representation/survey response on the Dunragit by-pass.

e) Updates from Councillor McClung:-Dog fouling in Lady Stair Park – This has been reported to the Community Safety Team and at least one individual has been issued with the appropriate fixed penalty ticket.                       

f) Pot hole, Fineview Crescent – There was a pot hole reported to me as being in the middle of the roadway just into Fineview Crescent from North Street – This has been patched temporarily, but will be permanently repaired prior to the road being ‘surfaced’ during the summer as part of the scheduled maintenance.

g) C3 (Whitecarn Road) – I was copied into a letter to the Council regarding numerous areas of pot holes on this road. A number of pot holes have been repaired and following a site meeting between Robert Comie and myself several further pot holes have been identified and will be repaired over the next couple of weeks. Further monitoring of this road and also the C22 (Three Lochs road) will take place and any repairs necessary carried out in a timely manner. For your information I have contacted the original complainer and updated them.

Ian Paterson, Vice Chairman arrived with apology for lateness, previously notified.

           3. Correspondence: Drochduil Former Pupils – Homecoming. Letter from Chairman D McHarrie requesting support.

The sum of £500 agreed for underwriting purposes. Proposed M Lane and seconded by G McKinstry

100 Club February: Drawn by 1) Joan Miskimmins 2) M Lane 3) E Innes.

Winners: £25 Brian Miskimmins: £50 E Innes and £100 Robert Rankin Jnr.

AOCB: Chairman raised the winter closure of the toilets particularly as facility is on the A75/E18 Euro route signage. Unanimous support to pursue per the Sports Committee a new purpose built shed in Stair Park replacing the portacabin. Also consideration of building toilets on the previous portacabin toilet site.

Development Trust meeting 7pm on the 6th instant.

Next Meeting Monday 6th June, 2016 @ 8PM in Glenluce Public Hall.

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