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Old Luce Community Council serves a population of around 1,300 people in Glenluce and the surrounding area.

The AGM of the Community Council is held in May and council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8pm.

Officers of the council are:
Chairman: Mr Fred Murray
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Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Paterson
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Secretary: Mr Derek McDowall

Treasurer: Mr Derek Sloan

Community Councillor: Mrs Grace Brown

Community Councillor: Mrs Julie-Anne Copeland

Community Councillor: Mrs Elizabeth Innes 

Community Councillor: Mr William Innes 

Community Councillor: Mrs Caroline Heron

Community Councillor: Miss Diane Lowe

Community Councillor: Mr Tom McKie

Community Councillor: Mr Gordon McKinstry

Community Councillor: Mrs Joan Miskimmins

Community Councillor: Mr John McDonald

Community Councillor: Mrs Irene Wilmont

Glenluce public hall and its clock tower

Minutes of the July Meeting of Old Luce Community Council

Old Luce Community Council Meeting
Monday 7th July, 2014  

Fred Murray              Chairman

Ian Paterson             Vice Chairman

Robert Higgins         Secretary   

Derek Sloan              Treasurer


Joan Miskimmins, Elizabeth Innes, Caroline Heron and Gordon McKinstry

Apologies: Billy Innes, Derek McDowall, Tom McKie, Diane Lowe and Irene Wilmont  

Councillor: Grahame Forster 

P C Allison


Members of the Public: Jane McDowall.


1. Minutes of Previous Meeting 

    Proposed: Joan Miskimmins    Seconded: Derek Sloan.   AGREED. 

2. Matters Arising    Glenwhan signs interfering with vision lines – now removed. 

3. Police business

    Ÿ    Small quad performance vehicles issue: only once observed by public since last month. None detected by police as yet.

    Ÿ    Police still interested in any information on the jewelry theft reported last month, no matter how insignificant the information may appear.

    Ÿ    Nonresident arrested for Indecent Behaviour in the last month.

    Ÿ    PC Allison on Commonwealth Games duty next month.


4. Correspondence

·         No applicable planning applications this month.

      ·         Notice- INTERREG V meeting, Burns House, 8 Castle St, Stranraer. 18/07/14 3pm. 
·         WW1 Vigil at 11pm 04/08/14.  Decided not to participate as very late for seniors.
·         WAC Grant application for Community Council.  Treasurer will deal with it.
·         NHS changes to Podiatry services – Information sheet for notice board.
·         Transport Scotland requesting feedback on A75 Planting End – Drumflower.  Members of the opinion that the dedicated overtaking should be staggered.  

Councillor McClung-update:-

      Ÿ   Fineview-Viaduct road to be reinforced with gabion baskets. 

      Ÿ   Dunragit main road, works marked off and to be scheduled. 

      Ÿ   Verge cutting across county started 26th May.

      Ÿ   Hammerhead at Mote Hill property of DGHP. 

      Ÿ   Mole catcher to attend to Stair Park.

      Ÿ   Council awaiting delivery of replacement swing.      

  Tri-Trophy Report

The event was well attended by 300 approx.  Hosted this year by Glenluce who welcomed Kirkcowan and this year’s victors – New Luce.  The value of getting to know each other, joined up local action, good fun and a little competitiveness made it a great day.

6.  Wind Farm Trust Launch.

An extremely successful night, with most windfarm developers present. 70% of local organisation’s who had benefited from the fund were also present.  A great night for networking with the Trust members and other community councils many who found the Glenluce/Trust option well worthy of consideration by themselves in future.  Food excellent and thanks to Treasurer Derek Sloan for organizing.

There were also a good number interested in applying for the 2 vacancies for the Trust and mainly female which will bring it a better balance.

A consultation survey and meeting will take place in the near future.  This will be led by Cara Gillespie and the Foundation.

100 Club
Gordon McKinstry
July Draw - Drawn by C Heron           
1st prize £100 – Mrs W Garrity
2nd prize  £50 – Ms S Copeland 
3rd prize   £25 – Mr R Bailey


Skate Park Update - Caroline taking a party to Saltcoats skateboard facility on a fact finding visit.

Glenluce Primary- the hill surface to be repaired during the summer holidays. Cllr. Forster requested to put forward a reminder to the roads department.

The fitting of the blinds for the public hall to be followed up by the Vice Chairman.

Next Meeting – Monday, 6th October, 2014 Glenluce Public Hall 8.00pm

Meeting Closed: 9 p.m.


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