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Old Luce Community Council serves a population of around 1,300 people in Glenluce and the surrounding area.

The AGM of the Community Council is held in May and council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, starting at 8pm.

Officers of the council are:
Chairman: Mr Fred Murray
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Vice Chairman: Mr Ian Paterson
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Secretary: Mr Robert Higgins

Treasurer: Mr Derek Sloan

Community Councillor: Mrs Julie-Anne Copeland

Community Councillor: Mrs Elizabeth Innes 

Community Councillor: Mrs Caroline Heron

Community Councillor: Miss Diane Lowe

Community Councillor: Mr Tom McKie

Community Councillor: Mr Gordon McKinstry

Community Councillor: Mrs Joan Miskimmins

Community Councillor: Mrs Irene Wilmont

Glenluce public hall and its clock tower

Minutes of the May Meeting of Old Luce Community Council

Old Luce Community Council AGM Meeting

Monday 4th MAY, 2015



Fred Murray Chairman

Ian Paterson Vice Chairman

Derek Sloan Treasurer

Robert Higgins Secretary

Committee: Derek McDowall, Joan Miskimmins, Elizabeth Innes, Irene Wilmont, Gogie McKinstry and Caroline Heron

Apologies: Cllr J McClung, Diane Lowe and Tom McKie.

Police business: PC Allison,

    1) 23/4/15-One male residing in Fineview Crescent, Glenluce throwing his belongings out of his house whilst under the influence, no other property damaged.

    2) 15/04/15 - Silver Ford Mondeo – parked and unattended in North Street, Glenluce, rear window smashed

    3) 4/5/15 – two males seen on an off road style buggy near to Kingfisher House, Stairhaven – if seen contact Police please.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting and AGM 2014

Proposed: Gogie McKinstry Seconded: Derek Sloan AGREED.


Chairman: Fred Murray. Proposed-Ian Paterson Seconded-Caroline Heron

Vice-Chairman: Ian Paterson. Proposed-Gogie McKinstry. Seconded- Derek Sloan

Treasurer: Derek Sloan. Proposed-Fred Murray Seconded-Ian Paterson

Appointed Secretary to continue. Proposed-I Paterson Seconded-J Miskimmins

2. Matters Arising:

Still no response from Glenchamber Windfarm Company, Chairman will continue pursuit of contact. Secretary to contact DGC & Foundation Scotland re Asset deeds.

Proposed letters to Ross family agreed.

Skateboard park notifying further delays now 18-25th May. Chairman will phone company.

3. Correspondence:

VE Day bonfire beacon. Agreed not to pursue due to time scale.

Brett Allison e-mail seeking information on family; passed to two different Allison family members.

E-mails from J Butcher:-a) Requesting CCTV cover in village, this has been taken up with DGC and Police in past and coverage/cost analysis for low crime area not justified. Although the C.C. had contributed in the past to mobile CCTV it was not successful.

Behaviour of youths, PC Allison met with Youth Club members and ensured message on toleration and acceptable behaviour enforced. No specific youth identified and may also have been a summer visitor.

4. Planning: Agricultural shed at Kilfillan, Mr Christine.

5. Community:

Chairman has yet to be contacted by Rights of Way officer as arranged and to meet with Balkail Kennels owner re public access to Glen.

Post Office: New post person to be appointed within two months (that was 3 weeks ago)

An alternative supplier of blinds for the hall has put in a tender. Agreed to pursue.

Turbine 3 village competition day will be 16th August in Kirkcowan, details will follow.

8 New flower tubs and plant purchase agreed. R Copeland to repair Dunragit information board

100 Club Drawn by 1) Caroline 2) Derek McD 3) Irene.

March Winners: £100 Kenny Dougan, £50 Christine Meldrum, £25 James Huxtable.

AOCB: At 5pm today after extensive short leet interviews it was agreed to accept the tender from Community Enterprise, Renfrew to draw up the Community Plan for Old Luce C.C. Additional C.C. member for the present sub-committee are required. Presently the members are Caroline Heron and Robert Higgins. Fred Murray and Derek Sloan volunteered and possibly Diane for Dunragit, It is expected the Trust will double their members on the sub-committee.

Fenced area in Old Station car park, can this be removed/adjusted?

Meeting closed 9.40 p.m.

Flower Tub setting out - Sunday, 31st MAY, 2015 Glenluce Public Hall 10.30a.m.

Next Meeting –Monday, 6th July, 2015 Glenluce Public Hall 8.00pm

Chairman’s report:

It has been a busy year with setting up a Trust to deal with the windfarm monies. The amount of money coming to our C.C. required a more professional approach and this is now in place taking a considerable load of our committee.

Thanks to our committee for all the work over the year like Christmas parties dealing with flower tubs etc. and to my office bearers.

Caroline thanked the Chairman for his leadership of our C.C.

Treasurer’s report:

We have spent a lot this year but we did have £9000 of last year’s Youth allocation from North Rhins windfarm but still £2,500 approximately over income as we hosted the Turbine Trophy Day and there is still some lottery money to be paid in.

Pointing out two minor adjustments 1. Mistaken payment to wrong account and returned sum for rectification and 2. Underpayment of Christmas entertainer requires further £30 is this agreed? AGREED.

Formal adoption of accounts,

Proposed: Elizabeth Innes Seconded: Joan Miskimmins AGREED.

Chairman thanked Treasurer for all his work over the year.

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